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Since 1989, the Charneca area of Companhia das Lezírias, SA has been fully ordered from a hunting point of view, with three hunting zones, two associative and one touristic, the last one, Roubão ZCT, Braço de Prata and Others (Proc. 66 of DGRF) managed directly by the "Companhia".

The Touristic Hunting Zone, with 8,425 ha, covers the entire central area of the Charneca do Infantado, the Roubão and the Catapereiro. Its management, as well as all the activities of the "Companhia", is governed by the principle of sustainability, to which private care is added considering that ZCT is integrated in a classified area.

Whether you are coming from afar or the hunting day starts too early or ends too late, our tourist village will be the most convenient resting place.

Our Alter Stud Farm Hunting Area has more day trip offers that may interest you.

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